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Transform 2022 - Software Underground

On 22—28 April 2022 we will be bringing your a week of learning and collaboration opportunities. Programming sprints, hands-on tutorials, lightning talks, special interest group meetings, and (we hope!) local meetups. The week also includes the Annual General Meeting of the Software Underground.


ClimaSoMa - Climate change adaptation through soil and crop management synthesis and ways forward

Adopting soil and crop management practices that conserve or enhance soil structure is critical for supporting the sustainable adaptation of EU agriculture to climate change, as it should help maintain agricultural production in the face of increasing drought or water excess without impairing environmental quality.


SimPEG - Monthly Seminars

SimPEG hosts a monthly Seminar Series as well as a monthly SimPEG newsletters, browse the links below to see previous recorded seminars.

PhD Thesis:

A framework for geophysical inversions - with application to vadose zone parameter estimation

A conceptual organization and synthesis of geophysical simulations and inversions into a framework that has been rigorously, numerically tested; and an algorithm for large-scale vadose zone parameter estimation for any distributed hydraulic parameter, regardless of the empirical relationship used.


Steve Purves Blog

I work with scientists and engineers to create tools, technology, and software. I’ve spent many years working with geoscientists working in oil & gas, energy, and earth science but also with professionals working in finance, healthcare, and with various forms of enterprise software.

Curvenote Blog

We are starting Curvenote because we believe that the introduction of tools and platforms that provide feedback loops between working, and sharing will accelerate the speed of scientific discovery.


Curvenote Documentation

Curvenote is a writing platform that integrates with interactive content and data. You can use Curvenote to write scientific papers, technical reports, documentation, blog posts, prepare a manuscript or thesis